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Aerial view of Warkworth, Northumberland.

Warkworth, Northumberland



Warkworth is a quaint village renowned for its housed castle, church & hermitage. The Village is regarded as one of the most picturesque in Northumberland. Encompassed by the river coquet, running through the county of Northumberland, England, discharging into the North Sea on the East coast at Amble, within walking distance. 


Warkworth Beach is less than a mile away from historic Warkworth village, between Birling Carrs and Amble Breakwater. Visitors often miss the beach, but those who make the trip are rewarded with a vast expanse of pristine, golden sand stretching as far as the eye can see. 

Whether you go to sunbathe, play beach games or simply go for a long, bracing walk, there’s always going to be plenty of space. 


Amble By The Sea:

Amble is an enchanting coastal town in Northumberland, England, known for its friendly atmosphere and annual puffin festival. The picturesque harbor features retail pods selling everything from cheese to charm bracelets. The Northumberland Seafood Centre offers local seafood, and Spurelli serves award-winning ice cream. Watersports enthusiasts can indulge in sailing, kayaking, and power boating at the Coquet Shorebase Trust. Puffin Cruise from Amble harbor is a must-see attraction for wildlife lovers. The town center has cozy cafes, restaurants, and traditional pubs. The local shops offer Northumbrian gifts. Getting to Amble is easy with several car parks and regular bus services.



Alnmouth is a beautiful village located in Northumberland, England. With pastel-coloured houses strung along the River Aln, it is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You can spot diverse wildlife and birds in the area, and the sand dunes are an excellent bird watching spot. Alnmouth Golf Club, established in 1869, offers magnificent views of Coquet Island and the Northumberland coast. The Alnmouth beach is split into three sections within Alnmouth Bay, making it perfect for a family day out. Alnmouth is also home to the smallest museum in Northumberland, The Ferryman's Hut. Whether you're looking for a summer break, or a cozy and romantic weekend break, Alnmouth is the perfect place to stay.



Alnwick is a charming town that feels like a fairy tale. You can dine in one of the world's largest treehouse restaurants, fly a broomstick at Alnwick Castle, and discover the poison garden at The Alnwick Garden. Alnwick Castle played a starring role in the Harry Potter movies and is a magnificent attraction. Combining your visit with a trip to The Alnwick Garden and the Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery is highly recommended. Alnwick farmers market takes place on the last Friday of each month in Alnwick market square. Alnwick offers accommodation options to suit everyone's preferences. It is also situated close to the Northumberland Coast, where you can visit other great attractions such as Embleton Bay and Howick Hall.



Bamburgh is a village full of history and wonder! The impressive Bamburgh Castle dominates the skyline and serves as an iconic backdrop for the village. Take a magical walk along the beach to admire its setting behind the wild dunes that sway in the breeze. Explore the castle's impressive corridors, towering turrets, and formidable fortresses to learn about its turbulent past. Don't miss the exciting events happening at the castle, such as Dragon Hunts and Ghost Tours. Visit the RNLI Grace Darling Museum and the Bamburgh Ossuary to discover more about the village's rich history. Enjoy breathtaking views of the North Sea, Holy Island, and the Farne Islands from Bamburgh Castle beach. For refreshments, there are several cafes and high-end restaurants available. Golf enthusiasts can visit Bamburgh Castle Golf Club to enjoy the scenic views. If you're visiting by car, there is parking on Links Road, and it's just a short walk into the village. Alternatively, Arriva runs regular buses to Bamburgh for a hassle-free journey.

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